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Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve
If you are a wildlife lover and particularly a tiger enthusiast then you must know the thrill of capturing the big cat’s aggressive look in the eyes and royal walk in your camera. Visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve, the largest and oldest tiger reserve of Maharashtra to experience that thrill.

Dense forest, lush grasslands, deep valleys, and lakes make it an ideal space for tigers and other wild animals. Well, it is a unique and awesome experience to sight a tiger, a top predator in its natural habitat. As the lockdown is now unlocked after almost two years, how about releasing all your stress and anxiety by doing a Tadoba Tiger Safari Tour?

The total area of Tadoba Tiger reserve is 1727 sq. km and it was established in the year 1955. Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in the year 1986 and was later merged into TATR in the year 1995.

There are two lakes and one waterway in the reserve Tadoba Lake, Kolsa Lake, and Tadoba River which gives essential fixings to the reserve’s wildlife.


Interesting Fact – Tadoba Tiger Reserve

The word “Tadoba Andhari” is derived, from the word “Taru” who was a mythological god. He is still worshiped by the tribal people living in that area. The word “Andhari” is derived from the Andhari river which flows through the forest.


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